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grate; rub; scratch; scrape; chafe; scour

す.るsuru · す.れるsureru · -ず.れ-zure · こす.るkosuru · こす.れるkosureru
Popularity rank: 1485 Pinyin: Korean: chal Hán-Việt: sát
Stroke counts: 17 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-14

Example Words

擦れ擦れ[suresure] grazing
パイ擦り[paizuri] breast fucking
靴擦れ[kutsuzure] shoe sore
擦り替える[surikaeru] to switch (secretly)
擦りむく[surimuku] to skin (one's knee)
擦剥ける[surimukeru] to abrade
擦抜ける[surinukeru] to slip through
擦付ける[nasuritsukeru] to rub on
擦る[kosuru] to rub
擦れっ枯し[surekkarashi] shameless person

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