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damage; loss; disadvantage; hurt; injure

そこ.なうsokonau · そこな.うsokonau · -そこ.なう-sokonau · そこ.ねるsokoneru · -そこ.ねる-sokoneru
Popularity rank: 807 Pinyin: sǔn Korean: son Hán-Việt: tổn
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-3-10

Example Words

汚損[oson] stain
丸損[maruzon] total loss
欠損[kesson] deficit
見損う[misokonau] to misjudge
見損ねる[misokoneru] to miss seeing
作り損じる[tsukurisonjiru] to fail in making
刷り損なう[surisokonau] to misprint
自動車損害賠償責任保険[jidoushasongaibaishousekininhoken] mandatory vehicle liability insurance
出損なう[desokonau] to fail to go
出来損なう[dekisokonau] to be badly made

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