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category; plan; drumstick

はかりごとhakarigoto · はか.るhakaru
Pinyin: kuí Korean: gyu Hán-Việt: quỹ
Stroke counts: 12 Skip code: 1-3-9

Example Words

一揆[ikki] uprising (esp. in Japan since middle ages, e.g. peasant uprising)
百姓一揆[hyakushouikki] peasant's revolt
農民一揆[nouminikki] agrarian revolt or uprising
徳政一揆[tokuseiikki] uprising (during the Muromachi period) demanding debt cancellation orders
ミュンヘン一揆[myunhenikki] Beer Hall Putsch (1923)
一向一揆[ikkouikki] Jodo Shinshu Buddhist uprising (Muromachi and Warring States periods)
土一揆[tsuchiikki] peasant uprising (Muromachi period)
国一揆[kuniikki] province-wide uprising (Muromachi period)

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