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scoop up water with the hand

キクkiku · コクkoku
きく.すkikusu · むす.ぶmusubu · すく.うsukuu · たなごころtanagokoro
Pinyin: jú, jū Korean: gug Hán-Việt: cúc
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-3-8

Example Words

掬い取る[sukuitoru] to dip or scoop up
掬い出す[sukuidasu] to bail (water out of a boat)
掬い上げる[sukuiageru] to dip or scoop up
掬う[sukuu] to scoop
一掬[ikkiku] small amount
掬い投げ[sukuinage] variety of beltless arm throw
掬い網[sukuiami] scoop net
小股掬い[komatasukui] over-thigh scooping body drop
足元を掬う[ashimotowosukuu] to trip someone up
金魚掬い[kingyosukui] festival game in which participants try to catch goldfish in a shallow paper ladle

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