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hold; consider; investigate

おさ.えるosaeru · しら.べるshiraberu
Pinyin: àn Korean: an, al Hán-Việt: án
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-3-6

Example Words

按手[anshu] ordination
按摩[anma] massage, esp. the Anma Japanese type of massage
按じる[anjiru] to be anxious or concerned about
按ずる[anzuru] to be anxious or concerned about
按配[anbai] seasoning
按分[anbun] proportional division or distribution
按腹[anpuku] ventral massage
按手礼[anshurei] (Protestant) laying on of hands
按摩膏[anmakou] massaging plaster
按摩師[anmashi] masseuse

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