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pick; pinch; summarize

つ.ねるtsuneru · つ.めるtsumeru · つね.るtsuneru · つま.むtsumamu
Pinyin: zhuā Korean: jo Hán-Việt: trảo, trao
Stroke counts: 7 Skip code: 1-3-4

Example Words

抓み[tsumami] knob
抓る[tsuneru] to pinch
抓む[tsumamu] to pinch
御抓み[otsumami] snack (to have with a drink)
我が身を抓って人の痛さを知れ[wagamiwotsunettehitonoitasawoshire] you can't appreciate others' suffering until you've gone through it yourself
狐に抓まれる[kitsunenitsumamareru] to be bewitched by a fox

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