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requesting; entrusting with; pretend; hint

たく.するtakusuru · たの.むtanomu
Pinyin: tuō Korean: tag Hán-Việt: thác
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-3-3

Example Words

一蓮托生[ichirentakushou] sharing one's lot with another
托鉢[takuhatsu] monk's "begging"
托する[takusuru] to entrust
托す[takusu] to entrust
托鉢僧[takuhatsuzou] mendicant priest
茶托[chataku] (lacquered) teacup saucer
托卵[takuran] brood parasitism (planting one's eggs in another bird's nest, as demonstrated by the cuckoo, etc.)
托子[takusu] saucer (for a teacup)
托鉢修道会[takuhatsushuudoukai] mendicant orders
托葉[takuyou] stipule

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