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halberd; arms; festival car; float; tasselled spear radical (no. 62)

ほこhoko · ほこづくりhokozukuri
Pinyin: Korean: gwa Hán-Việt: qua
Stroke counts: 4 Skip code: 4-4-4

Example Words

兵戈[heika] swords
干戈[kanka] shield and halberd
戈を収める[hokowoosameru] to sheathe one's sword
干戈を交える[kankawomajieru] to open hostilities
戈構え[hokogamae] kanji "spear" radical at right
戈旁[hokozukuri] kanji "spear" radical at right
銅戈[douka] bronze dagger-axe

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