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valve; petal; braid; speech; dialect; discrimination; dispose of; distinguish

ベンben · ヘンhen
わきま.えるwakimaeru · わ.けるwakeru · はなびらhanabira · あらそ.うarasou
Popularity rank: 619 Pinyin: biàn Korean: byeon, ban Hán-Việt: biện, bàn, biền
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-2-3

Example Words

弁柄[bengara] red iron oxide
陰弁慶[kagebenkei] lion at home but weakling elsewhere
駅弁[ekiben] boxed lunch bought at a station (often a local specialty)
花弁[hanabira] (flower) petal
過度の弁解[kadonobenkai] profuse apology
活弁[katsuben] narrator in Japanese silent cinema
勘弁[kanben] pardon
関西弁[kansaiben] Kansai dialect
関東弁[kantouben] Kantou dialect
強弁[kyouben] insisting (unreasonably)

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