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fart; passing gas

he · おならonara
Pinyin: Korean: bi Hán-Việt: thí
Stroke counts: 7 Skip code: 3-3-4

Example Words

屁と火事はもとから騒ぐ[hetokajihamotokarasawagu] it is often the originator of problems who kicks up a fuss or complains loudest
屁をひって尻窄め[hewohitteshiritsubome] there's no point squeezing your buttocks after you have farted
屁理屈[herikutsu] sophism
放屁[houhi] breaking wind
言出しっ屁[iidashippe] first person to say something
河童の屁[kappanohe] a cinch
屁放き虫[hekokimushi] fart bug
屁こき[hekoki] farting
屁っぴり腰[heppirigoshi] bent back

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