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exhaust; use up; run out of; deplete; befriend; serve

ジンjin · サンsan
つ.くすtsukusu · -つ.くす-tsukusu · -づ.くし-zukushi · -つ.く-tsuku · -づ.く-zuku · -ず.く-zuku · つ.きるtsukiru · つ.かtsuka
Popularity rank: 1234 Pinyin: jǐn, jìn Korean: jin Hán-Việt: tẫn, tận
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 3-4-2

Example Words

尽く[kotogotoku] altogether
為尽す[shitsukusu] to do everything possible
一網打尽[ichimoudajin] (a) big haul
権柄尽く[kenpeizuku] dictatorial
使い尽くす[tsukaitsukusu] to use up
至れり尽せり[itareritsukuseri] very polite
縦横無尽[juuoumujin] freely
出尽くす[detsukusu] to be all out
承知尽く[shouchizuku] acting on mutual agreement
尽かす[tsukasu] to use completely

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