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wicked; mischief; seduce; rape; noisy

カンkan · ケンken
かん.するkansuru · かしま.しいkashimashī · みだらmidara
Pinyin: jiān Korean: gan Hán-Việt: gian
Stroke counts: 9 Skip code: 2-3-6

Example Words

姦しい[kashimashii] noisy
姦淫[kanin] adultery
姦人[kanjin] villain
姦通[kantsuu] adultery
姦夫[kanpu] adulterer
姦婦[kanpu] adulteress
強姦[goukan] violation
近親相姦[kinshinsoukan] incest
獣姦[juukan] bestiality
女三人寄れば姦しい[onnasanninyorebakashimashii] wherever women gather it is noisy

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