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night; evening

yo · よるyoru
Popularity rank: 487 Pinyin: Korean: ya Hán-Việt: dạ
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 3-4-4

Example Words

お七夜[oshichiya] name-giving ceremony
一昨夜[issakuya] night before last
一昼夜[icchuuya] whole day and night
一日一夜[ichinichiichiya] all day and night
一夜乞食[ichiyakojiki] (a) person made homeless by fire
一夜造り[ichiyazukuri] built in a night
一夜大臣[ichiyadaijin] overnight millionaire
一夜づけ[ichiyazuke] last-minute cramming
寒夜[kanya] cold night
夜露死苦[yoroshiku] well

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