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9th calendar sign





9th calendar sign

ニンnin · ジンjin · i
Popularity rank: 2499 Pinyin: rén Korean: im Hán-Việt: nhâm
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 4-4-2

Example Words

壬申[mizunoesaru] ninth of the sexagenary cycle
壬午[mizunoeuma] nineteenth of the sexagenary cycle
壬辰[mizunoetatsu] twenty-ninth of the sexagenary cycle
壬寅[mizunoetora] thirty-ninth of the sexagenary cycle
壬子[mizunoene] 49th of the sexagenary cycle
壬戌[mizunoeinu] 59th of the sexagenary cycle
壬申の乱[jinshinnoran] Jinshin revolt (671CE)
壬生菜[mibuna] Brassica campestris var. laciniifolia (variety of wild mustard)

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