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close; shut; cover; block; obstruct

ソクsoku · サイsai
ふさ.ぐfusagu · とりでtoride · み.ちるmichiru
Pinyin: sāi, sài, sè Korean: sae, saeg Hán-Việt: tắc, tái
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 2-3-10

Example Words

塞爾維[serubia] Serbia
梗塞[kousoku] stoppage
塞栓[sokusen] embolus
充塞[juusoku] plug
人間万事塞翁が馬[jinkanbanjisaiougauma] inscrutable are the ways of heaven
腸閉塞[chouheisoku] intestinal obstruction
脳硬塞[noukousoku] stroke (blocked blood vessel in brain)
八方塞がり[happoufusagari] all doors closed
閉塞[heisoku] closure
要塞[yousai] fort

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