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droop; suspend; hang; slouch

た.れるtareru · た.らすtarasu · た.れtare · -た.れ-tare · なんなんと.すnannantosu
Popularity rank: 1720 Pinyin: chuí Korean: su Hán-Việt: thùy
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-1-7

Example Words

胃下垂[ikasui] gastroptosis
下垂[kasui] drooping
玉垂れ[tamadare] bamboo curtain
懸垂[kensui] pull-up
枝垂柳[shidareyanagi] weeping willow (Salix babylonica)
女垂らし[onnatarashi] guy who knows how to play the ladies
垂らし込む[tarashikomu] to drop into, drop-by-drop
垂らす[tarasu] to dribble
垂り穂[tariho] drooping ears (of grain)
垂れ[tare] hanging

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