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chew; bite; gnaw

コウ · ゴウ
か.むkamu · か.じるkajiru
Popularity rank: 2399 Pinyin: niè Korean: gyo Hán-Việt: giảo
Stroke counts: 15 Skip code: 1-3-12

Example Words

噛合う[kamiau] to gear (engage) with
噛み合せる[kamiawaseru] to clench (teeth)
噛砕く[kamikudaku] to crunch
噛殺す[kamikorosu] to stifle a smile, yawn, etc.
噛熟す[kamikonasu] to chew
噛み切る[kamikiru] to bite off
噛締める[kamishimeru] to chew thoroughly
噛付く[kamitsuku] to bite (at)
噛分ける[kamiwakeru] to taste
噛む[kamu] to bite

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