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cough; clear throat

カイkai · ガイgai
せ.くseku · しわぶ.くshiwabuku · せきseki · しわぶきshiwabuki
Pinyin: ké, hāi, kǎ, kài Korean: hae Hán-Việt: khái
Stroke counts: 9 Skip code: 1-3-6

Example Words

咳き払い[sekibarai] clearing one's throat
咳嗽[gaisou] coughing
百日咳[hyakunichizeki] whooping cough
謦咳[keigai] cough
空咳[karazeki] dry cough
咳止め[sekidome] cough medicine
謦咳に接する[keigainisessuru] to meet someone in person
咳き上げる[sekiageru] to have a coughing fit
咳込む[sekikomu] to cough violently

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