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be amazed; disgusted; shocked

ほけ.るhokeru · ぼ.けるbokeru · あき.れるakireru · おろかoroka
Popularity rank: 1848 Pinyin: dāi, ái Korean: mae, bo Hán-Việt: ngai, bảo
Stroke counts: 7 Skip code: 2-3-4

Example Words

阿呆陀羅[ahondara] fool
呆け[boke] idiot
呆ける[bokeru] to grow senile
痴呆[chihou] dementia
呆れる[akireru] to be amazed
呆気[akke] taken aback
呆気ない[akkenai] not enough
呆然[bouzen] dumbfounded
呆然自失[bouzenjishitsu] stupor
阿呆鳥[ahoudori] albatross (esp. the short-tailed albatross, Phoebastria albatrus)

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