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bark; howl; cry

ハイhai · ベイbei
ほえ.るhoeru · ほ.えるhoeru
Pinyin: fèi Korean: pye Hán-Việt: phệ
Stroke counts: 7 Skip code: 1-3-4

Example Words

遠吠え[tooboe] howling
吠る[hoeru] to bark
吠え声[hoegoe] bark
吠え面[hoezura] tearful face
吠え出す[hoedasu] to give mouth
吠えつく[hoetsuku] to bark at and chase
吠舎[baisha] Vaishya
吠瑠璃[beiruri] beryl
吠猿[hoezaru] howler monkey
能なし犬の高吠え[nounashiinunotakaboe] a barking dog seldom bites (meaning those who make the most noise have the least talent)

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