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suspend; hang; wear (sword)

つ.るtsuru · つる.すtsurusu
Popularity rank: 2475 Pinyin: diào Korean: jo, jeog Hán-Việt: điếu
Stroke counts: 6 Skip code: 2-3-3

Example Words

首吊り[kubitsuri] hanging (by the neck)
吊し[tsurushi] ready-made clothing
吊るし上げる[tsurushiageru] to hang up
吊す[tsurusu] to hang
吊り出す[tsuridasu] to hold (the opponent) in the arms and carry him out of the ring
吊り上げる[tsuriageru] to raise
吊る[tsuru] to hang
吊るし上げ[tsurushiage] hung up
吊書[tsurigaki] family chart and personal history
吊り鐘[tsurigane] temple bell (for striking)

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