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fortune-telling; divining; forecasting; occupy; hold; have; get; take

し.めるshimeru · うらな.うuranau
Popularity rank: 694 Pinyin: zhān, zhàn Korean: jeom Hán-Việt: chiêm, chiếm
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-2-3

Example Words

寡占[kasen] oligopoly
国家独占[kokkadokusen] state monopoly
人相占い[ninsouuranai] divination by facial features
水脈占い[suimyakuuranai] dowsing
星占い[hoshiuranai] astrology
占い[uranai] fortune-telling
占い当てる[uranaiateru] to divine
占う[uranau] to tell someone's fortune
占む[shimu] to occupy

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