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tenderness; excel; surpass; actor; superiority; gentleness

ユウ · u
やさ.しいyasashī · すぐ.れるsugureru · まさ.るmasaru
Popularity rank: 334 Pinyin: yōu Korean: u Hán-Việt: ưu
Stroke counts: 17 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-2-15

Example Words

較優位論[kakuyuuiron] theory of comparative advantage
見優り[mimasari] compare favourably
公益優先[kouekiyuusen] public interest first
航空優勢[koukuuyuusei] air superiority
射撃の優先順位[shagekinoyuusenjuni] priority of fires
女優[joyuu] actress
乗降車優先[joukoushayuusen] priority to pedestrians
声優[seiyuu] voice actor or actress (radio, animation, etc.)
全優[zenyuu] straight A's
男優[danyuu] actor

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