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face-up; look up; depend; seek; respect; rever; drink; take

ギョウgyō · コウ
あお.ぐaogu · おお.せōse · お.っしゃるossharu · おっしゃ.るossharu
Popularity rank: 1573 Pinyin: yǎng Korean: ang Hán-Việt: ngưỡng
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-2-4

Example Words

仰見る[aogimiru] to look upwards
仰奉る[aogitatematsuru] to look up
仰ぎ望み[aoginozomi] look to (for help)
仰ぐ[aogu] to look up (at)
仰反る[nokezoru] to bend (backward)
仰せ[oose] statement
仰せられる[ooserareru] to say
仰せつかる[oosetsukaru] to receive a command
仰せつける[oosetsukeru] to command
仰有る[ossharu] to say

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