Meaning of 開ける in Japanese

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Definition of 開ける

  1. (v1, vt) to open (a door, etc.); to unwrap (e.g. parcel, package); to unlock
  2. to open (for business, etc.)
  3. to empty; to clear out; to make space; to make room
  4. (v1, vi) to dawn; to grow light
  5. to end
  1. (v1, vi) to become opened up; to improve; to get better

    Kazuko bared her breast and fed the baby.

  2. to develop; to progress; to become civilized (civilised); to be up-to-date

    I'm sorry I opened your mail by mistake.

  3. to be enlightened; to be sensible
  1. (v1, vt) to open; to bare; to expose
  2. to stretch

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