Meaning of 通す in Japanese

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Definition of 通す

  1. (v5s, vt) to stick through; to force through
  2. to spread throughout; to thoroughly diffuse
  3. to make a path between two points
  4. to proceed in a logical manner →Related words: 筋を通す
  5. to let pass; to allow through
  6. to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.); to show in
  7. to go through (a middleman)
  8. to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.)
  9. to pass (a law, applicant, etc.)
  10. to force to accept; to force agreement
  11. to continue (in a state); to persist in
  12. to do to the entirety of; to cover all of; to span the whole ...
  13. to do from beginning to end without a break
  14. to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party
  15. (after the -te form of a verb) to do to the end; to carry through; to complete

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