Meaning of 羽交絞 in Japanese

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羽交 hagai shibo

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Definition of 羽交絞

  1. (v5r, vt) to wring; to squeeze; to press; to extract

    Yes, and here's a photo of the farm where we milked the cows.

  2. to rack (one's brains); to strain (one's voice)
  3. to extort; to exploit
  4. to chew out; to reprimand severely; to rake over the coals; to give a sound scolding; to tell someone off; to scold; to rebuke →Related words: 油を絞る
  5. to drill into; to train
  6. to narrow down (one's focus); to whittle down
  7. to gather up (a curtain, etc.); to tighten (a drawstring)
  8. to stop down (a lens)
  9. to turn down (e.g. the radio)
  10. to bend (a bow); to draw
  11. (sumo) to hold down; to constrict; to immobilize

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