Meaning of 無い-いける in Japanese

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無い nai - いける ikeru

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Definition of 無い-いける

  1. (adj-i) nonexistent; not being (there) →Related words: 亡い

    There is not much difference between the two opinions.

  2. unpossessed; unowned; not had
  3. unique →Related words: またとない
  4. indicates negation, inexperience, unnecessariness or impossibility
  5. (aux-adj) (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) not ... →Related words: ない
  6. (after the -te form of a verb) to not be...; to have not ...
  1. (v1, vt) to arrange (flowers); to plant

    She likes to arrange flowers.

  2. (adj-f) living; live
  1. (v1) to be good (at); to go well
  2. to look (taste, etc.) good
  1. (v1) to bury something in the ground
  2. to cover coals with ash; to bank a fire
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