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It seems that () is an inflection of 放る.
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ほうる(houru) · ほる(horu) 放る ·抛る

放抛 Kanji Details

  1. (v5r, vt) to throw; to toss; to fling
  2. to throw away; to discard
  3. to neglect; to abandon; to leave alone; to give up on; to leave undone; to leave unfinished →Related words: 放っておく
  1. (v5r, vt) to expel (from the body); to excrete; to defecate; to give birth

    The car has been kicking around the roadside for weeks.

  1. (v4r, vt) to excrete (faeces, urine)
  1. (v2r-s, v4r, vi) to get free; to be freed; to be released →Related words: 放れる

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