Meaning of 支える in Japanese

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Definition of 支える

  1. (v1, vt) to support; to prop; to sustain; to underlay; to hold up
  2. to hold at bay; to stem; to check

    Hold them there! Don't let them into the city!

  1. (v1, vi) to stick; to get stuck; to get caught; to get jammed; to clog
  2. to be unavailable; to be busy; to be occupied; to be full
  3. to be piled up (e.g. of work)
  4. to halt (in one's speech); to stumble (over one's words); to stutter
  5. to feel blocked (of one's chest or throat, due to grief, anxiety, illness, etc.); to feel pressure; to feel pain →Related words: 痞える

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