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ken ichi

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Definition of 件一

いち(ichi) · ひと(hito) · イー(ii) ·

一1 Kanji Details

  1. (num, pref) one
  2. (suf) best in; the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)

    I thought the highest mountain in Tsuyama was Takiyama.

  1. (num) one

    No sooner has one typhoon passed than the next one approaches.

  2. (n) for one thing

    For one thing, I am poor; for another, I am busy.

  3. only
  4. (not) even
  5. (n-adv) just (e.g. "just try it")
  1. (adj-no) the aforementioned; the said; (man, incident, etc.) in question; the above-mentioned; the aforesaid

    I agree with you on this issue.

  2. the usual

    With 19 cases of death forming over 20% of the whole, the grave reality of overwork-deaths has been thrown into relief.

  1. (n) matter; case; item
  2. (ctr) counter for cases, matters, etc.
  1. (n) passage; paragraph
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