Meaning of りょう in Japanese

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Definition of りょう

  1. (n) finish; completion; understanding
  1. (n) hostel; dormitory
  2. bureau (government department beneath a ministry under the ritsuryo system) →Related words: 律令制
  1. (n, n-suf) material; charge; rate; fee
  1. (n, adj-no) hunting; game

    Deer were once the main game.

  1. (n, n-suf) quantity; amount; volume; portion (of food)

    She has had quite a lot to drink.

りゅう(ryuu) · たつ(tatsu) · りょう(ryou) ·

竜龍 Kanji Details

  1. (n) dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon) →Related words: ドラゴン

    I have always wanted to see a dragon, but dragons are not real creatures.

  2. naga (semidivine human-cobra chimera in Indian mythology)
  3. promoted rook (shogi)
  1. (n) fishing; catch
  1. (adj-f) good

    The tomato crop is of good quality.

  2. (n) B grade (in an A, B, C ... system)

    I got two Bs this semester.

  1. (n, pref) both (e.g. both shoulders, etc.)

    The two regions differ in religion and culture.

  2. (n) ryo (obsolete unit of currency)

    This train is made up of seven cars.

  3. 41-42 g (one sixteenth of a kin) →Related words:
  4. 2 tan (measure of fabric size) →Related words:
  5. (ctr) counter for carriages (e.g. in a train)
  1. (suf) territory of (country)
  1. (n) Liang Dynasty (of China)
  1. (n) administrative and civil code
  1. (n) truth
  1. (n) edge; angle
  2. (n, suf) ridge (e.g. of a mountain)
  1. (n) Liao (dynasty, 916-1125 CE); Khitan Empire
  1. (ctr) counter for carriages (e.g. in a train) →Related words:
  1. (n) cool breeze; cool air; refreshing coolness →Related words: 涼を取る

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