Meaning of みり in Japanese

It seems that みり(miri) is an inflection of みる with the following forms:
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Definition of みり

  1. (v1, vt) to look after (often medically); to take care of
  1. (v1, vt) to see; to look; to watch; to view; to observe

    Let's begin with the fifth line on page 10.

  2. to look over; to look on; to assess; to examine; to judge →Related words: 診る
  3. to look after; to keep an eye on; to take care of →Related words: 看る

    I can't look after my parents and such either.

  4. to view (e.g. flowers, movie)

    Would you like to take in a movie?

  5. to try; to try out

    May I put it on again?

  6. to see that...; to find that...
  1. (v1, vt) to examine (medically)

    You ought to see a dentist.

みる(miru) · すいしょう(suishou) · ミル(miru) 海松 ·水松

海松水 Kanji Details

  1. (n) Codium fragile (species of seaweed)
  1. (v1) to go around

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