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Definition of ひき

ひきがえる(hikigaeru) · ひき(hiki) · がまがえる(gamagaeru) · がま(gama) · かま(kama) · ヒキガエル(hikigaeru) 蟇蛙 · ·蟾蜍 ·蝦蟇 · ·蝦蟆 ·

蟇蛙蟾蜍蝦蟆 Kanji Details

  1. (n) toad (esp. the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus)

    I can't distinguish a frog from a toad.

ひき(hiki) · (ki) ·

匹疋 Kanji Details

  1. (ctr) counter for small animals

    We own a dog and a cat.

  2. counter for rolls of cloth (two han in size)
  3. counter for horses
  4. (n) roll of cloth
  1. (n) joys and sorrows
  1. (n, suf) pull; patronage; influence

    For quantities of 20 or more, we can allow you a special discount of 10% on the prices quoted.

  2. tug
  3. discount
  1. (suf) player (of music, instrument, etc.)
  1. (n, vs) defamation; libel; calumny; slander →Related words: 中傷

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