Meaning of とび in Japanese

It seems that とび(tobi) is an inflection of とぶ.
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Definition of とび

とび(tobi) · とんび(tonbi) · ·

鳶鴟鵄 Kanji Details

  1. (n) black kite (bird of prey, Milvus migrans)

    Black hens lay white eggs.

  2. construction worker; scaffold erector; firefighter →Related words: 鳶職
  3. Inverness cape →Related words: 鳶合羽
  1. (n) flying; leaping; flight; leap →Related words: 飛ぶ
  2. (when reading a number aloud) naught; zero; oh
  3. flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo) →Related words: 飛魚

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