Meaning of て-いる in Japanese

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te - いる iru

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Definition of て-いる

  1. (v1, vt) to shoot

    You were my Yoda and I'll miss your right-on-target advice.


手 Kanji Details

  1. (n) hand; arm →Related words: お手

    I made motions at him to come here with my hand.

  2. forepaw; foreleg →Related words: お手
  3. handle
  4. hand; worker; help
  5. trouble; care; effort
  6. means; way; trick; move; technique; workmanship

    I hit upon a good idea.

  7. hand; handwriting
  8. kind; type; sort
  9. one's hands; one's possession →Related words: 手に入る

    Books are now within the reach of everybody.

  10. ability to cope →Related words: 手に余る

    They are out of hand.

  11. hand (of cards)

    I was dealt a good hand.

  12. direction →Related words: 山の手
  13. (n, n-suf, ctr) move (in go, shogi, etc.)
  1. (v5r, vt) to parch; to fry; to fire; to broil; to roast; to boil down (in oil)

    He is roasting coffee beans.

  1. (v5r, vi) to get in; to go in; to come in; to flow into; to set; to set in →Related words: 気に入る

    "I do not regret having gone into the forest and up the mountain," replied the younger brother.

  1. (v5r, vi) to need; to want
  1. (v1, vi) to be (of animate objects); to exist →Related words: 在る

    Some have lost faith in democracy.

  2. to stay

    They're all fine, thank you.

  3. (v1, aux-v) (after the -te form of a verb) verb indicating continuing action or state (i.e. to be, to have been

    I haven't quite finished eating.

  1. (v1, vt) to cast; to mint; to coin
って(tte) · (te)
  1. (prt) casual quoting particle →Related words:
  1. (v5r) to set beyond the Western horizon (i.e. the sun) →Related words: 入る
  1. (aux) indicates continuing action →Related words:
  1. (v1, vi) to calm down →Related words: 腹が居る
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