Meaning of てんじん in Japanese

It seems that てんじん(tenjin) is an inflection of てんじるん.
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Definition of てんじん

  1. (n) heavenly god; heavenly gods
  2. spirit of Sugawara no Michizane
  3. Tenmangu shrine (dedicated to Michizane's spirit) →Related words: 天満宮
  4. pit of a dried plum; dried plum →Related words: 梅干し
  5. tenjin hairstyle →Related words: 天神髷
  6. prostitute of the second-highest class (Edo period)
  1. (n) nature and man; God and man; celestial being; celestial maiden
  1. (n) Zen monk's early morning meal; refreshment; cakes
  2. simple Chinese food; dim sum
  1. (n) tuning peg (of a shamisen, etc.) →Related words: 転手

Words related to てんじん

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