Meaning of つろう in Japanese

It seems that つろう(tsurō) is an inflection of つる with the following forms:
  • volitional/presumptive form
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Definition of つろう

  1. (v5r) to hang; to suspend (something from something); to be hanged (by the neck)

    We are not on the telephone yet.

  2. (sumo) to hoist an opponent off of his feet by his loincloth
  1. (v5r, vt) to fish; to angle; to catch

    I caught a big fish yesterday.

  2. to lure in; to tempt; to attract; to entice; to allure →Related words: 釣られる
つる(tsuru) · たず(tazu) · ツル(tsuru) ·田鶴

鶴田 Kanji Details

  1. (n) crane (any bird of the family Gruidae, esp. the red-crowned crane, Grus japonensis)

    Cranes are big beautiful birds.

  1. (v5r) to cramp; to be cramped; to contract

    I feel the tension in my neck, where it gets sore and stiff.

  1. (n) bowstring
  2. string (of shamisen, guitar, violin, etc.)
  3. bail (arched pot handle)
  4. diagonal levelling wire across the top of a masu →Related words:

蔓 Kanji Details

  1. (n) vine; bine; tendril; runner
  2. bow; temple arm; sidepiece; lug arm; earpiece; part of a pair of glasses that goes over the ear
  3. connections; contacts; influence; financial supporter

Words related to つろう

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