Meaning of ちょうし in Japanese

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Definition of ちょうし

  1. (n) message of condolence; memorial address
  1. (n) tune; tone; key; pitch; time; rhythm
  2. vein; mood; way; manner; style; knack
  3. condition; state of health
  4. impetus; spur of the moment; strain
  5. trend
  1. (n) (sake) decanter
  1. (n) eldest child or son
  1. (n, vs) listening and watching
  1. (n) elder sister
  1. (n) long poem →Related words: 短詩
せっし(sesshi) · ちょうし(choushi) · ぢょうし(joushi) 鑷子

鑷子 Kanji Details

  1. (n) tweezers (esp. in a medical or laboratory setting); forceps →Related words: ピンセット

Words related to ちょうし

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