Meaning of ちょうか in Japanese

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Definition of ちょうか

  1. (n) elegy; dirge
  1. (n) townhouse (i.e. house in the middle of a town); traditional townhouse
  2. tradesman's house (esp. a home with a shop in front); merchant's house; merchant's family
  1. (n, vs) excess; being more than

    The car is exceeding the speed limit.

  1. (n) the imperial family or household
  1. (n) a hooked fish; a catch

    I'm expecting a decent catch, so please try your best at fishing for us.

ながぐつ(nagagutsu) · ちょうか(chouka) 長靴

長靴 Kanji Details

  1. (n) leather boots; rubber boots; wellingtons; wellies; long boots; high boots

    Mold grew on the boots.

  1. (n) morning glow; morning mist (haze)
  1. (n) funeral flowers
  1. (n) traditional Japanese poem with verses of five and seven morae repeated at least three times, usu. ending with a verse of seven →Related words: 短歌
  2. long epic song with shamisen accompaniment (developed in Kyoto in the late 16th century) →Related words: 長唄

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