Meaning of ちゃくみん in Japanese

It seems that ちゃくみん(chakumin) is an inflection of ちゃ with the following forms:
  • くみん form.
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Definition of ちゃくみん

  1. (n) tea →Related words: お茶

    Tea is widely grown in India.

  2. tea plant (Camellia sinensis)
  3. tea preparation; making tea →Related words: 茶道
  4. brown →Related words: 茶色

    One of the cats is black, the other is brown.

  5. (n, adj-na) mockery →Related words: 茶化す
ては(teha) · ちゃ(cha) · ちゃあ(chaa)
  1. (exp) if (an action, etc.)
  2. since ...; if you are going to ...
  3. one after another; indicates repeated action
  4. adds emphasis

Words related to ちゃくみん

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