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そう そう

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Definition of そうそう

  1. (adv) so long; so often; so many; so much
  2. (int) oh, yes!; that's right; hmmm

    That a boy.

  1. (n, vs, adj-no) funeral; burial rites
  2. attendance at a funeral
  1. (adj-na, int, n) brevity; rudeness; hurry
  2. Yours Sincerely →Related words: 匆々
  1. (n-suf, n-adv) as soon as...; just after...; immediately after...
  2. (adv) hurriedly; in haste; quickly; promptly; early

    He gambled on the war coming to an early end.

  1. (n, vs) beginning; inauguration
  1. (adj-t, adv-to) eminent; distinguished

    He felt ill at ease among prominent scholars.

  1. (n) facies
  1. (adj-na, adj-t, adv-to, n) busy; hurried; rushed
  2. (n, adj-na) Yours Sincerely; Yours in haste →Related words: 草々
  1. (adv-to, adj-t) moving unsteadily; staggeringly
  1. (adj-t, adv-to) gathering; swarming

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