Meaning of すく in Japanese

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Definition of すく

  1. (v5k, vt) to like; to love; to be fond of
  1. (v5k, vi) to be transparent; to leave a gap
  1. (v5k, vi) to become less crowded; to thin out; to get empty

    Which car is less crowded?

  2. to be hungry →Related words: お腹が空く

    We aren't very hungry yet.

  1. (v5k, vt) to comb (out); to card →Related words: 梳く
  1. (v5k) to make something (i.e. paper) from wet, pulpy material by spreading it thin and drying it
  1. (v5k, vt) to plough; to plow; to hoe; to till

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