Meaning of すい in Japanese

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Definition of すい

  1. (adj-i) sour; acid
いき(iki) · すい(sui)

粋 Kanji Details

  1. (adj-na, n) chic; stylish; refined; sophisticated; smart

    The essence of Japanese culture could never be appreciated by them.

  2. understanding; sympathetic
  3. the best
  1. (n) Wednesday →Related words: 水曜日
  2. shaved ice (served with flavored syrup) →Related words: 氷水
  3. water (fifth of the five elements) →Related words: 五行
  1. (suf, ctr) counter for spindles
すい(sui) · すいっ(suitu)
  1. (adv-to) lightly; nimbly
  1. (n) cone; pyramid

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