Meaning of じょうし in Japanese

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Definition of じょうし

  1. (n, vs) publication; wood-block printing
  1. (n) shogun's envoy; emissary
  1. (n) superior authorities; boss →Related words: 部下 , 目上

    My boss made me work overtime.

  1. (n) the emperor's thoughts
  1. (n) upper limbs; arms
  1. (n, vs) double love suicide
  1. (n) castle town; fortified town
  1. (n) castle site; ruins of a castle
  1. (n) Ming Dynasty love story
  1. (n) March 3rd of the lunar calendar (one of the five annual festivals); dolls festival; peach festival →Related words: 五節句
  1. (n) girl; young (unmarried) woman
  2. (grown) woman; lady
  3. (someone else's) wife
  1. (adj-f, vs) going on the market; placing on the market

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