Meaning of じこう in Japanese

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ji こう

  1. Words

Definition of じこう

  1. (n) matter; item; facts
  1. (n) imperial tutor
  1. (n) statute of limitations; lapse of rights after a period of time; prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription)
  2. ageing; aging
  1. (n, adj-no) earwax; cerumen

    I want the wax cleaned from my ears.

  1. (n) inside the ear
  1. (n) season; time of the year
  1. (n) fad; fashion
  1. (n) earhole
  1. (n) automobile industry
  1. (n) Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito
  1. (n) kaolin; China clay
  2. magnetite →Related words: 磁鉄鉱

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