Meaning of しんい in Japanese

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Definition of しんい

  1. (n) real intention; true motive; true meaning

    He gave away his real intention.

  1. (n) underwear
  1. (n) god's majesty; god's authority; might of Heaven
  1. (n) divine will

    Chance is a nickname for Providence.

  1. (n) deep or profound meaning
  1. (n) mind
しんい(shini) · しんに(shinni) · しんね(shinne) 瞋恚 ·嗔恚

瞋恚嗔 Kanji Details

  1. (n) (Buddh) dosa (ill will, antipathy)
  2. irateness; anger
  1. (n) divinity
  1. (n) nightclothes →Related words: 寝巻き

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