Meaning of しっこう in Japanese

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Definition of しっこう

しっこう(shikkou) · しゅぎょう(shugyou) · しゅうぎょう(shuugyou) · しぎょう(shigyou) 執行

執行 Kanji Details

  1. (n, vs) execution; carrying out; performance; enforcement; exercise; service
  2. (n) (Buddh) lead monk performing various tasks in a temple
  1. (n, vs) lapse; abatement; invalidation
  1. (n) misunderstanding
  1. (n, vs) moving forward by sliding on one's knees (in the presence of high-ranking individuals)
  1. (n) japanning; lacquer work
  1. (n) (ethical) mistake
  2. apraxia (inability to purposely perform some actions)

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