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Definition of さし

  1. (n) spit (geography); sandbank
  1. (n) grain thief; sharpened tube for testing rice in bags →Related words: 米刺し
  2. sashimi (sliced raw fish) →Related words: 刺身
  3. stabbing; piercing; pricking →Related words: 刺す , 刺す
  1. (n) blowfly maggots used as fishing bait
  2. marble pattern (in beef) →Related words: 霜降り
  1. (n-suf, adj-no) (after the -masu stem of a verb) stopped in the midst of; half- (i.e. half-read)
さし(sashi) · サシ(sashi) 差し ·指し · ·

差指 Kanji Details

  1. (n) between (e.g. two people); face to face

    I caught my finger in the door.

  2. hindrance; impediment
  3. (music) arrhythmic section of recitative in Noh music
  4. (pref) prefix used for stress or emphasis
  5. (ctr) counter for traditional dance songs
  1. (n) ruler; measure →Related words: ものさし
せばし(sebashi) · せまし(semashi) · せし(seshi) · さし(sashi) 狭し

狭 Kanji Details

  1. (adj-ku) narrow; confined; small
  2. (adj-shiku) narrow; confined; small

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