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こう せん sen

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Definition of こうせん

こうせん(kousen) · よみ(yomi) 黄泉

黄泉 Kanji Details

  1. (n) underground spring
  2. Hades; hell; underworld →Related words: 地獄
  1. (n, vs) war; battle; hostilities

    Our troops engaged with the enemy.

  1. (n) beam; light ray
  1. (n, vs, adj-no) public election
  1. (n) oral statement
  1. (n) commission; brokerage
  1. (n) mineral spring; spring containing many minerals and gas (esp. a cold spring) →Related words: 冷泉
  1. (n) steel wire
  1. (n) technical college →Related words: 高等専門学校
  2. higher schools and colleges
  1. (n, vs) resistance
  1. (n) belligerence
  1. (n) factory boat (ship); floating cannery
  1. (n) gun rifling
  1. (n) roasted barley flour →Related words: 麦こがし
  2. parched flour with various ingredients added and drunk in hot water

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